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Broadcaster 1 is a unique Remote Engine Controller, engineered and built by SunovaworX Inc. which offers…

✓ Reliability      ✓ Visual Diagnostics     ✓ RPM control  

  • Designed and field tested to work in harsh environments, Broadcaster 1 can be retrofitted on new and existing equipment, from tractors to John Deere, Cummings, & Detroit engines. 
  • Our engine controller is compatible with mechanical or electronic (ECU) engines, and 3 Phase VFD driven motors.
  • Operating with a Digital Signal, information is communicated back and forth between the engine and the remote controller multiple times per second, using a secured channel ID.
  • With a 2 mile (3km) + working range, the signal can be maintained in difficult terrain, or extended with the addition of our ‘Repeater.
  • Monitoring the real-time information displayed on the controller’s LCD screen, the operator is always informed & in control. 
  • Broadcaster1  has many built in safety features such as, displayed error codes and automatic idle down responses, the operator can if needed shutdown all engines on the network within 30 seconds or less.
  • Build a Broadcaster1 kit which meets your unique operating requirements, include options such as Boost Pump Cruise Control, Outlet Hose Pressure, Inlet Hose Pressure, Oil Pressure, Engine Temperature, Remote Engine Start, Remote System Power Down, External Engine StopHydraulic Control, Auxiliary Actuator Control end to end and  Auxiliary Actuator Control 3 position.  New feature as of January 2014: Volumetric Reading of GPM and Total GPM


Broadcaster 2 system is ideal for use in the following applications:

  • Agricultural
  • Irrigation
  • Industrial
  • Municipal
  • Water Transfer

The Broadcaster 2 system options have been rigorously designed, tested and refined by our engineers at Sunova WorX based on customer inputs and requirements

We work closely with each new customer to ensure the remote controller and inline options perform exactly as required under their unique conditions.  As a result, Broadcaster 2 systems have performed reliably in a broad range of conditions.

You can rely on Sunova WorX to deliver the new Broadcaster 2 system that will meet your most demanding needs.

 Special Features for Broadcaster 2

  • The way we communicate:  Radio, Cellular, Satellite
  • Redundant communication
  • Triple safety feature
  • Multi pump unit flexibility
  • Auto boost pump cruise control
  • Multi screen for multi pump set ups

 Broadcaster 2 is compatible with mechanical or electronic J1939 Can Bus diesel engines and VFD driven motors.

Tri-band communication system for North America using 900 MHz radio mesh network.  By using cellular, and satellite networks, pumps can be controlled world wide (redundant signals are broadcasted simultaneously over radio, cell and satellite connections).  Control and display information on and from the remote controller at the operators seat regardless of obstacles, elevation, or distance.

 Boost Pump ‘CRUISE’ Control

Control your main pump and automate your boost pump(s) using our Boost Pump ‘CRUISE’ Control

Monitor and control the main pump, RPM ‘up’ and ‘down’ while  the automated boost pump(s) react automatically to inlet and outlet pressures

  • Intelligent  RPM cruise control, based on detected hose pressures and pre-set values
  • Operate as a “Main Pump” with remote control, or in ‘Boost Pump Cruise Control’ mode
  • Built in safety features
  • Improve efficiency across the complete pumping system from source to destination
  • Lower fuel, maintenance and life cycle costs