Broadcaster1 is a unique remote engine controller, engineered & built by SunovaworX Inc. which offers reliability, diagnostics & RPM control.

  • Designed and field tested to work in harsh environments
  • Broadcaster1 can be retrofitted on new and existing equipment
  • It is compatible with mechanical or electronic (ECU) engines and 3 Phase VFD driven motors.

Operating with a 900 MHz Digital Signal, information is communicated back and forth between the engine and the remote controllers multiple times per second. With a 2 mile (3km) working range, the signal can be maintained in difficult terrain, or extended with the addition of our ‘Repeater’

Monitoring the real-time information displayed on the controller’s LCD screen, the operator is always in control. Knowing what is happening at the engine and that your last button push has been executed is vital to your next decision. With many built in safety features such as displayed error codes, automatic idle down responses, and the ability to shutdown all engines on the network within 30 seconds or less, the operator at  the remote controller or by the engine can react quickly to an emergency situation.

Working with more than one pump engine?

Check our new ‘Boost Pump Cruise Control’, automate all of your inline pumps while you stay in control of your main pump.

RPM efficiently
– Maintain pressure & volume
– Reduce fuel costs
When you have maxed outlet pressure & volume in your pumping system, increasing engine RPM no longer has any positive effect. In effect you will be burning fuel without increasing your output.

Using Broadcaster1 the operator in the field can monitor his outlet pressure at the pump, & will be able to see when he reaches this plateau.

Environmentally friendly
– Minimize the potential for spills
With automatic staged RPM increase, pressures increase gently and the potential of a burst hose is minimized.

If a dramatic pressure drop is detected at the outlet side of the pump, Broadcsater1 will automatically reduce engine RPM to an idle helping to minimize the spill.

Reduce Labour costs
– Improve your labour efficiency
Operator in the field can monitor, control and stop the pump engine if required. Effectively allowing other members of your team to focus on other tasks as required.
Lower Maintenance costs
– Reduce wear and tear on equipment
Tanker filling can be set up as a drive through up to 1500ft away from the pump, reducing the need to position your tanker underneath the spout by turning or reversing your tractor.

For pump/engine setups, pump cavitation can be a huge problem causing damage to your impeller, casings & seals. Using Broadcaster1 you can gently increase RPM in 100RPM increments, gently increasing the total or local static pressure in the system, while minimizing the potential for pump cavitation.