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Drag-hose Pumping Operation

You can find Broadcaster1 working in drag-hose applications throughout North America. Designed, engineered & field tested for drag-hose operation, its long range digital signal is reliable and independent of any external services…. you are always in control.  If you are operating with one pump or multiple inline pumps, you can work in the knowledge that you have the ability to shutdown all of the pumps on your Broadcaster1 net work within 30 seconds or less.


Communication between the engine controller & the operator’s remote controller is crucial to staying in control. Knowing what is happening at the pump & that your last button push has been executed is vital to your next decision when you are 3km (2 miles) away from the pit.  Broadcaster1 allows you to monitor on the back lit LCD screen, signal strength, engine RPM, outlet pressure, inlet pressure, oil pressure, engine temperature & error codes. You can preset values & screen displays to best suit your operating requirements.

There a number of safety features built in to our unit which will not only reduce the possibility of a burst hose, but can minimize a spill by reducing engine RPM to idle in the event that you do experience a burst hose.

Using Broadcaster1 you can streamline your drag-hose operation reducing RPM & fuel consumption while maximizing the number of gallons of manure per minute.


Broadcaster1 offers a 3km signal range, if you are working in a difficult terrain or need to extend your operating range we recommend the use of our ‘Repeater’. Give us the address that you will be working at and we can suggest where to locate the repeater to give you the best signal.

Boost Pump Cruise Control

Working with more than one pump? Boost Pump Cruise control is an innovative option which will allow you to streamline and improve the efficiencies of your operation. You stay in control of your main pump while your boost pumps automatically react to sensed inlet & outlet pressures.

With built in safety features and the ability to shut down all of the pumps on the Broadcaster network within 30 seconds or less, we think that you will find this option a positive addition to your set up.

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