LCD ScreenBroadcaster 1 has an LCD screen on the controllers at both at the engine and remote. It provides the operator with live visual engine & pump information, and is back lit for night time viewing.
Displayed Error CodesProgrammed to detect & display error codes on the LCD screen, the operator now has the ability to trouble shoot, and resolve the problem quickly reducing down time.
Digital Signal900mhz digital signal is used to communicate information back & forth multiple times per second, between engine & remote controller radios. No external satellite or cell net work services are required.

Broadcaster 1 can operate at distances of 3km +.

Signal StrengthSignal strength is displayed as visual bars on LCD screen. Operating distance can be extended or improved by increasing the height of the radio, or by adding a repeater radio to your set up.
Channel IDAll Broadcaster1 kits are issued with a personalized channel ID. Radios will disregard any signal communication from radios that are not on the same channel. The operator has the ability to change the channel ID if required.
Displayed ValuesMonitor on your remote controller engine information from 3km+. See on screen Engine RPM, Inlet Pressure, Outlet Pressure, engine Temperature, Oil Pressure & more.
Preset ValuesPre set operating values that make sense to your operation.

Set maximum operating values which cannot be exceeded such as outlet pressure PSI or engine RPM. Maximum allowable pressure drop etc.

Set on screen engine RPM values which can be executed at the push of a button.

Engine StopStop all the engines on your Broadcaster 1 network within 30 seconds or less by simply pushing the red stop button on the button pad at any remote or engine controller.