“I can see the outlet pressure and the engine RPM of the pump on the remote in the tractor from out in the field. With the previous engine controller I had, I never knew what RPM the engine was revving at, or the outlet pressure. Broadcaster 1 has met my expectations. I would for sure recommend it to other people.”

D. PembleCustom Operator

“I was talking with Sunova and decided to try Broadcaster 1. Within an hour of trying it, I went back and got another remote unit.    ​

Broadcaster 1 saves us time, having control of the pump from the tanker tractor and not having to walk each time we filled. There are labour savings as well as fuel.​  ​  ​​​​

Broadcaster 1 also gives us more flexibility when we set up our fill pipes. We can set up one more host and drive under the spout with the tanker, requiring less turning which means less wear and tear on the wheels. It is extremely convenient.   ​​

I would definitely recommend Broadcaster 1 to others. For guys that may have trouble getting in and out of the tractor every time to turn the pump on and off to the larger operators who will like the convenience and dollars saved in their pocket.”

L. VinkExeter, ON

“We now have a lot more control to throttle up and down and always know what the engine is doing for RPM, inlet and outlet pressure, PTO, engine temperature and oil pressure.

Broadcaster 1 has saved me labour. A worker isn’t chained to the pump and can be doing other things in the area. I liked the first Broadcaster 1 so much, I bought a second one. I have confidence in it.

Sunova WorX is always available to help figure out problems and want to know if anything ever goes wrong so they can correct it.”

B. TenHoveMonkton, ON

“We are able to adjust RPM’s for moving hose around and it eliminates one extra person sitting at the pump with a phone, the operator can shut the pump off.  Longer distant fields require the use of a repeater and it works well”

“It has met our expectation by increasing safety around ditches and extending our hose life”

“Initially bought Broadcaster 1 for dragline but will be using it for tankers as well.”

“Every dragline system should have a Broadcaster 1 as standard equipment.  I would highly recommend this to anyone in the manure business.”

S. DonnanCustom Operator

“We installed Broadcaster 1 on an old truck engine that is mounted to the manure pump. Broadcaster 1 was easy to install. We are able to keep the system running at maximum capacity. Because the operator of the drag-line has complete control of the pump, he can keep the pressure and the volume at the most efficient rate. The service is excellent! When we had questions we just gave them a call.”

N. KeurentjesCustom Operator