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Broadcaster 2 - Remote Engine Control

Remote Controller (base kit)

The controller include a 12” Windows-based tablet, adjustable tablet holder with mounting hardware, BC-2 communication module, a 900 MHZ radio module, single pump and multi-pump display software.


The options of Broadcaster 2 include Tri-Band communications – cell and satellite – for 100% redundancy. clutch control (engage or disengage), TSC1 throttle control, throttle control by an actuator (mechanical engines), Directional antenna, Telescoping Antenna Pole, Pump valve control (open or close) two double-acting electro-hydraulic valves), and more.


The benefits include taking control of pumping systems from a safe distance with no need to keep personnel in harm’s way, Using automatic staged RPM increase, pressures increase gently and the potential of a burst hose is minimized, Helps to Reduce manpower requirements and save’s money.


The applications of Broadcaster 2 include dragline systems for manure pumping, irrigation, dewatering & by-pass water pumping for water, municipal sewage, ext. Emergency services pumping and dewatering of construction sites.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our SunovaWorX team will not be attending any trade shows for the remainder of 2020. We are looking forward to meeting with everyone next year. Stay safe, stay healthy, and social distance.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

SunovaWorX is proud to participate in many community events. —July 2018 This month we teamed up with Stonetown Karate Cente to attend the St. Marys Canada Day parade. We brought out a Claas Xerion 4500 to show off to all the kids.             —June 2018 Sunova was proud to attend Farm Safety Day at A.J. […]


SunovaWorX is proud to have Broadcaster 2 dealers across North America. Since the release of Broadcaster 1 in 2010, we have strived to set-up dealers across the continent for your convenience. With this in mind we work to ensure that every dealer and product is up to our high standard of reliability.

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SunovaWorX Inc. thinks outside accepted limitations to provide working solutions to everyday issues. We carefully research the market and rely on our wealth of experience to offer new and practical remedies for our customers’ challenges. Our commitment is to offer high-quality products, with a focus on attention to detail and simplicity of design. We believe in our products and are committed to standing behind them. When a customer purchases a SunovaWorX product, they are also purchasing a lasting relationship with our company


Broadcaster 1 was the first product released by SunovaWorX (Division of Sunova Group) and allowed for remote engine control when installed. This system used a radio system to control and monitor pumps. Broadcaster 1 saved money by removing the need for multiple people at pumps in the line to ensure proper function. With this system, one person can control the entire operation remotely. This was made easier by the introduction of automatic regulating of the pumps rpm based on preset targets. Broadcaster 1 was the most economical system available upon its release in 2010. As a result, the success of Broadcaster 1 sparked the creation of Broadcaster 2. With this newest iteration of the Broadcaster, the system comes many improvements including a cellular upgrade that allows for infinite range control of the system. Though Broadcaster 1 is no longer in production we still provide service.

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When you buy a product from SunovaWorX, you aren’t just purchasing one of our quality products but also a relationship with us.  Our pivotal role in this relationship is to keep your purchase running as expected with efficient service and parts replacement.

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