We improve Broadcaster 2 by closely listening to our customers and their needs. Some of our satisfied customers have supplied these testimonials.  

Tony Roelofsen, owner partner Pit King Ltd. Custom manure applicators

We have a drag line and a tanker fill system. We have used a system through our two way radios but had some communication issues and there was no option for system monitoring.

The Broadcaster system allows multiple units to fill and gives the operators constant information of the engine performance (oil pressure, temperature and rpm) line pressure. We use the emergency shut down  if there is ever a problem.

Except for a relay failure and a sensor failure which was replaced quickly, we have had very few issues. It’s reassuring for the drag line system that both operators (pump and field) can monitor and control the pump. 


Andy Fletcher, owner

Very good customer service.

I like being able to set max outlet pressures and being able to control both pumps from one location without having to run with the 4-wheeler.


David Peterson, owner

I’m thrilled with the flexibility that Broadcaster 2 gives us in labeling “Pump IDs” on the screen. This individualized labeling allows us to “Time Stamp” valuable information, making it easier for the next tractor driver to see just where everything should be running when he jumps in the tractor or the next time he starts up.

Your final question is very easy to answer. “Would you recommend it to other farmers/custom operators?” ABSOLUTELY! You never heard from me this entire past season. Because, I never had any issues with the equipment not performing as expected. That says volumes!


David Beard, manager, Meadowlane Farms

We needed an affordable, reliable remote control system. We also needed control for our boost pump. Broadcaster works as advertised.

We had a few issues with pressure transducers, but the SunovaWorX team worked through our issues, and we have reliable transducers now. The Broadcaster works well with our older mechanical control engines. Because it gives us control of the pumping process, Broadcaster reduces labor requirements while at the same time giving us more control safety.

I would like to experience it with an electronic engine to maybe get a little finer control of RPM. I also am upgrading to extension antenna and possibly directional antenna. When we are on the other side of the barn, the standard communication is spotty control at best. Broadcaster gives us as much control as someone standing right there at the pump.


Bereket Jacob, technician, NWT

We supply water for hydraulic fracturing operations.  Our objective with Broadcaster was to reduce labor costs but at the same time run a smooth operation.

With Broadcaster, we scale back labor expense. This means that one operator can view and control multiple diesel pumps. Fewer pump operators means less fuel needed for vehicles. For example an 8-pump operation we completed on 9/2/18 would normally need 5 pump operators but with  the remote system implemented, we ran it with total of 3 pump operators.

Aside from saving on labor and fuel expense, we also like having real time control and status of multiple diesel engines. This means less wear and tear on the company vehicles.

We also like how the SunovaWorx web portal can help pinpoint and diagnose engine issues.